Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just the Beginning

Well, there is no other way than to just begin. A blank page is always intimidating. That first sentence, those first words - are they right? Do they make sense? Will anyone else like what they read?
You would think that as a teacher I have plenty to say. The problem is, sometimes I say things that I shouldn't - that is why I am not a facebooker. I expressed my opinion on facebook once and several of my colleagues wrote to tell me who was making copies of what I had written and that I should really watch what I say. Really?? Gee, one of the many fifth grade standards that I teach is to understand the Bill of Rights. I am very sure that the first amendment gives me freedom of speech. Nothing I said was slanderous or malicious - it was just my opinion. You don't know beans about freedom of speech, so please don't tell me what to say.
So I will write here. I will share my opinions, my journey, my experiences, and my beans.
So there facebook.

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