Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thank you Beans ---

I have to give a ton of thanks to the creative and sometimes weirdly fantastic people of Pinterest. The ideas and pictures here do not represent a totally original idea on my part, but we each make what we see our own.
The idea of using paint chip cards is so great! There are tons of ways to incorporate them into a classroom or into home routines with kids - or spouses that need an extra push --- that your imagination can take any of these ideas and run!
Paint chip cards as bookmarks! They are free (until the paint stores read too many blogs!), colorful, and cute! My latest sick days - the elementary school trifecta: ear infection, sinus infection, and strep throat - gave me tons of time to sit and rest and create ----
While I waited in Walmart for my prescription to be filled, I wandered over to the paint department and attempted to stuff my purse with paint chips. I'm no saint, but I felt guilty and like I was shoplifting ---- I quickly zipped my purse closed and took off.

The bookmarks pictured above can be used:
  • just as they are
  • to check off chapters as they are read
  • to list newly learned 'vocabulary' words from the text
  • as a reading log - document time read each day
I also plan to use the names of the colors in a writing exercise - let my students randomly choose a paint card and then choose one color (or as many as they can) to use in their writing. Neat way to teach about adjectives.

Thank you Beans to my friends at Pinterest!

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